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Tower of Demonology


Northwest area of the main continent, north of Santo Dominion.


The first time somebody enters the map he's put onto an automated sightseeing tour. It will stop after a while, and is just an annoyance (no danger).
The story: the tower of demonology is a "summoning school". However, there is dark history...

Suggested Levels:

Depends on how far you want to go. There are three distinct treasure areas, and getting to the first one probably requires at least level 15.

Monsters Encountered:

  • Lots of summoners of different levels. A handful of demons/skulls/beholders, zillions of earth/air/water/fire elementals. That's about all for the first stage.
  • The second stage (which requires some puzzling) has additional monsters: raas, gaelotrolls, 2 spectre, 2 liches.
  • The third stage adds 4 titans

Items Found:

First stage:

  • Lots of spellbooks, lots of treasure chests (there might be a random artifact!)
  • Fist of the Earth +4 (Str+2)(Con+1)(dam+30)(ac+1)(armor+20)(slay earth_elemental) (Attacks: physical) Weight 75kg
  • Rod of Bombs of create bomb
  • Trident of Sea Mastery +5 (Cha+3)(dam+25)(Attacks: physical, confusion)(Immune: confusion, acid, paralyze)(Protected: acid) Weight 23kg
  • Rod of Changes of colorspray
  • Flame Tongue +5 (Con+2)(Int+1)(speed +3)(wc+3)(dam+25) (Attacks: fire)(protected: fire) Weight 22kg
  • Rod of Fire of dragonbreath
  • Lightning sticks +4 (Dex+4)(speed+5)(dam+3) (Attacks: electricity)(protected: electricity) Weight 5.5kg
  • Rod of Ball Lightning of ball lightning
  • Since summoners wear robes, you usually get a couple of special robes as well

Second stage:

  • Random artifacts, random talismans, random garbage

Third stage:

  • Demonslayer +7 (Str+2)(Wis+2)(Cha+2)(Int+2)(dam+30) (slay demon)(Attacks: weaponmagic) (Immune: drain, depletion) (Protected: magical, fire) Weight 25kg
  • Several random artifacts, lots of random talisman

Other Information:

  • The map is "essential". You get lots of random spellbooks, and the demonslayer is an excellent weapon.
  • The trident of sea mastery could be used against acid stuff, so you don't have to change cloaks.
  • CVS update on 06-FEB-01 increased the difficulty of this map.
    • The summoners can see invisible.
    • The undead guardians must be slain in order to ascend the center tower.
    • In order to get to the final treasure chamber, the player must have recently gone up and been marked in all four of the elemental master towers

Map Summary Provided by:
Christian Stieber