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Volcano: Fire Temple


In the southeast of the main continent is a small desert with a volcano in it. The easiest way to find it is go south from Navar until you meet the sea.  The desert is to the west and is visible then.  You should see that in the middle there is a volcano.  The entry has 3 sets of stairs to 3 different areas.  To the east is a long tunnel, which brings you to the stairs to the Fire Temple.


A high level map with several demons. At the end you will meet the Lords of Fire and Chaos. Also a incarnation of the Firegod himself. You must solve a small teleporter maze with elementals. Then a long passage way with several barriers. You need some items to sacrifice and a good knowledge of alchemical recipes.  See the Other Information section.

Suggested Levels:

Level 30 and above.

Monsters Encountered:

  • Imps, Fire Elementals, Lesser Dragonmen, Small Dragons, Lava Para-Elementals, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Fire Worshipper, Fire Devils.
  • Some other fire creatures.
  • Big Demons, Greater Demons, Demon Lords, Balrogs (you will see all big demons in game...).
  • Avatar of the Fire God (One of the toughest monster in game).

Items Found:

  • Lot of jewels.
  • A lot of  stat Potions.
  • Some random artifacts.
  • Firestar named Fearless +6
    (dam+35)(Attacks: physical, fire, weaponmagic)(Immune: drain, fear)(Protected: fire)
  • Scepter of the Fire God
    (rod of small fireball, no casting delay)
  • Fire Shield +4
    (Cha+2)(ac+1)(armour+24)(reflect spells)(Protected: magical, fire)
  • Totem of the Fire God
    (Wis+2)(Pow+2)(Pro: fire)(Attuned: Fire) (its a holy symbol)
  • Girdle of the Fire God of strength
    (Str+2)(Con+2)(POW+2)(Protected: fire)

Other Information:

  • The Avatar of the Fire God is a nightmare.
    • CVS update on 6-Feb-2001 made the Avatar more powerful ( ...back
      to its former glorious strength level.
  • There really isn´t a way to fight him directly, he is immune to most attacks, except ice attacks.
  • He can still hit you even if  you drink all immunity potions in game.
  • Use ice spells and run like hell.
  • He can be hurt by Demonslayer but he will usually kill you first.
  • To reach him, you must sacrifice 2 items and answer 3 questions. The questions ask you for some reagents from alchemical recipes. The 2 sacrifices might be found if you play Mopoon´s Wizard Tower quest before this one.
  • The two answers can be found if you buy the alchemical recipes in the stores and solve the Volcano Research Quest.
  • You need some immunity potions to solve the quest, so be warned.


Map Summary Provided by:
 Michael Toennies