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Volcano: Research Center


In the southeast of the main continent is a small desert with a volcano in it. The easiest way to find it is go south from Navar until you meet the sea.  The desert is to the west and is visible then.  You should see that in the middle there is a volcano.  The entry has 3 sets of stairs to 3 different areas.  Use the west stairs to the Alchemical Research Center.


The Alchemical Research Center is a demonic research center. There are 6 levels with demons.  You will find the recipes for Summon Fire Elemental and Fire Resistance Potion ( fire immunity!!!).

Suggested Levels:

Level 15-20 for levels 1 and 2.  Level 20-25 for the others.

Monsters Encountered:

Imps, Demons, Raas, Bigger Demons, Demon Lords, Greater Demons.

Items Found:

  • 2 random artifacts.
  • A few potions, rings, etc.
  • Alchemy  recipe of Summon Fire Elemental.
  • Alchemy recipe of potion of fire resistance (immunity).
  • The Luggage (special chest).
  • Axe of BIFF +3
    (dam+60)(slay kobold)(Attacks: physical, weaponmagic)
  • Power Dragon Mail +4
    (speed +1)(ac+8)(armour+60)(Protected: fire, electricity)

Other Information:

  • The whole dungeon has a "technical" design.
  • Every level requires some resistance to fire.
  • A big hint: If you change the first 3 elements of the fire resistance recipe in the icy counterparts, you will have the recipe for a potion cold resistance! For higher levels, both are a must!


Map Summary Provided by:
 Michael Toennies