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Dragon Cave


Take the eastern gate out of Scorn.  Follow the road east, and then continue on the road as it turns north.  Stop at the sign (west side of the road), and go straight east to the mountain range.  Look for a cave.


This map is a cavern setting, with a very limited area of sight.  The cave is divided into four sections.  Each of the three dragon types (Blue, Red, and Chinese) have a section with 3 levels, while the fourth section (main entrance area) is for wyverns. 

Suggested Levels:

At least level 20, maybe level 25.

Monsters Encountered:

Wyverns, Blue Dragon Lords, Ancient Blue Dragons, Electric Dragons, Electric Dragon Hatchlings,Red Dragon Hatchlings, Red Dragons, Ancient Red Dragons, Red Dragon Lords, Chinese Dragons,Chinese Dragon Hatchlings, Ancient Chinese Dragons, Ice Dragon Lords

Items Found:

Thunderfist +5 (Str +1)(Con +1)(dam +22)(Attacks: electricity, weaponmagic) (Protected: electricity)(Attuned: electricity) weight: 17kg

Flametounge +7 (Con +1)(Int +1)(dam +23)(Attacks:fire, weaponmagic) (Protected: fire)(Attuned :fire) weight: 17kg

Winterblade +5 (Con +2)(dam +21)(magic +1)(Attacks: cold, weaponmagic) (Protected:cold)(Attuned: Frost) weight: 15kg

Spellbook: Dragonbreath, level 12

Spellbook: Ball Lightning, level 9

Spellbook: Large Icestorm, level 12

Other Information:

Bring a light source.
The dragons like to "stay" in their own area.