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CFDataFile.CFData Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, filename, header)
def exist (self, name)
def get_keys (self)
def get_record (self, name)
def put_record (self, record)
def remove_record (self, name)

Data Fields


Detailed Description

CFData Object is basically a dictionary parsed from the datafile -
serves to pass back and forth a dictionary containing the datafile header
and the desired record to the caller - easier to read the 

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def CFDataFile.CFData.__init__ (   self,

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Member Function Documentation

◆ exist()

def CFDataFile.CFData.exist (   self,
checks if a record exists given the primary key as "name"

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References CFDataFile.CFData.datadb.

Referenced by CFDataFile.CFData.get_record().

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◆ get_keys()

def CFDataFile.CFData.get_keys (   self)
returns a sorted list of the primary keys (usually names) in the datafile

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References CFDataFile.CFData.datadb, hall_of_fame.keys, and guildoracle.list.

◆ get_record()

def CFDataFile.CFData.get_record (   self,
returns a small dictionary of the header and the record by "name"

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References CFDataFile.CFData.datadb, CFDataFile.CFData.exist(), and CFDataFile.CFData.header.

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◆ put_record()

def CFDataFile.CFData.put_record (   self,
adds an line entry to the datafile

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References CFDataFile.CFData.datadb, CFDataFile.CFData.datafile, and CFDataFile.CFData.header.

◆ remove_record()

def CFDataFile.CFData.remove_record (   self,

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References CFDataFile.CFData.datadb, and CFDataFile.CFData.datafile.

Field Documentation

◆ datadb

◆ datafile


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Referenced by CFDataFile.CFData.put_record(), and CFDataFile.CFData.remove_record().

◆ header


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Referenced by CFDataFile.CFData.get_record(), and CFDataFile.CFData.put_record().

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