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CFDataFile.CFDataFile Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, datafile_name)
def exists (self)
def getData (self)
def make_file (self, header)
def putData (self, dic)

Data Fields


Detailed Description

Plain text storage for Crossfire data

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def CFDataFile.CFDataFile.__init__ (   self,
make datafile paths for datafile 'object'
- these all go in ../var/crossfire/datafiles to keep the local dir clean

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Member Function Documentation

◆ exists()

def CFDataFile.CFDataFile.exists (   self)
checks for datafile - no need to load it yet

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References CFDataFile.CFDataFile.filename.

◆ getData()

def CFDataFile.CFDataFile.getData (   self)
Gets the formatted file as a dictionary
The # key contains the column headers for the file and indicates the 'primary' key

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References CFDataFile.CFDataFile.filename,, and split().

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◆ make_file()

def CFDataFile.CFDataFile.make_file (   self,
creates a datafile, making the column header from a list passed in

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References CFDataFile.CFDataFile.datafile_name, CFDataFile.CFDataFile.filename,, and make_face_from_files.str.

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◆ putData()

def CFDataFile.CFDataFile.putData (   self,
Writes dictionary to formatted file - uses | character as a delimiter

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References CFDataFile.CFDataFile.datafile_name, CFDataFile.CFDataFile.filename, guildoracle.list,, and make_face_from_files.str.

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Field Documentation

◆ datafile_name


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Referenced by CFDataFile.CFDataFile.make_file(), and CFDataFile.CFDataFile.putData().

◆ filename

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