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account_struct Struct Reference
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Data Fields

int allocated_characters
char ** character_names
time_t created
time_t last_login
char * name
int num_characters
char * password

Detailed Description

Structure that holds account data. This is basically in game representation of the data store in the file above. Note that there is no field here for the expansion area - if that gets used, then almost certainly the values will be extracted and stored into new fields in this structure, and not just a character that contains the data in an unprocessed form, eg, a int dm field could get added. all char* data here is from strdup_local(), and thus the shared string comparisons/functions should not be used on it.

Definition at line 81 of file account.cpp.

Field Documentation

◆ allocated_characters

int account_struct::allocated_characters

Number of allocated items in character_names

Definition at line 86 of file account.cpp.

Referenced by ensure_available_characters().

◆ character_names

char** account_struct::character_names

Character names associated with this account, +1 added to allow for NULL termination

Definition at line 87 of file account.cpp.

Referenced by ensure_available_characters().

◆ created

time_t account_struct::created

When character was created

Definition at line 89 of file account.cpp.

◆ last_login

time_t account_struct::last_login

Last time this account was logged in

Definition at line 84 of file account.cpp.

◆ name

char* account_struct::name

Account name

Definition at line 82 of file account.cpp.

◆ num_characters

int account_struct::num_characters

Number of characters on this account

Definition at line 85 of file account.cpp.

◆ password

char* account_struct::password

Password for this account

Definition at line 83 of file account.cpp.

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