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nlohmann::detail::input_stream_adapter Class Reference

#include <json.hpp>

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Public Types

using char_type = char

Public Member Functions

std::char_traits< char >::int_type get_character ()
 input_stream_adapter (const input_stream_adapter &)=delete
 input_stream_adapter (input_stream_adapter &&rhs) noexcept
 input_stream_adapter (std::istream &i)
input_stream_adapteroperator= (input_stream_adapter &&)=delete
input_stream_adapteroperator= (input_stream_adapter &)=delete
 ~input_stream_adapter ()

Private Attributes

std::istream * is = nullptr
 the associated input stream More...
std::streambuf * sb = nullptr

Detailed Description

Input adapter for a (caching) istream. Ignores a UFT Byte Order Mark at beginning of input. Does not support changing the underlying std::streambuf in mid-input. Maintains underlying std::istream and std::streambuf to support subsequent use of standard std::istream operations to process any input characters following those used in parsing the JSON input. Clears the std::istream flags; any input errors (e.g., EOF) will be detected by the first subsequent call for input from the std::istream.

Definition at line 5381 of file json.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ char_type

Definition at line 5384 of file json.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~input_stream_adapter()

nlohmann::detail::input_stream_adapter::~input_stream_adapter ( )

Definition at line 5386 of file json.hpp.

References is.

◆ input_stream_adapter() [1/3]

nlohmann::detail::input_stream_adapter::input_stream_adapter ( std::istream &  i)

Definition at line 5396 of file json.hpp.

◆ input_stream_adapter() [2/3]

nlohmann::detail::input_stream_adapter::input_stream_adapter ( const input_stream_adapter )

◆ input_stream_adapter() [3/3]

nlohmann::detail::input_stream_adapter::input_stream_adapter ( input_stream_adapter &&  rhs)

Definition at line 5405 of file json.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_character()

std::char_traits<char>::int_type nlohmann::detail::input_stream_adapter::get_character ( )

Definition at line 5415 of file json.hpp.

References is, JSON_HEDLEY_UNLIKELY, altar_valkyrie::res, and sb.

◆ operator=() [1/2]

input_stream_adapter& nlohmann::detail::input_stream_adapter::operator= ( input_stream_adapter &&  )

◆ operator=() [2/2]

input_stream_adapter& nlohmann::detail::input_stream_adapter::operator= ( input_stream_adapter )

Field Documentation

◆ is

std::istream* nlohmann::detail::input_stream_adapter::is = nullptr

the associated input stream

Definition at line 5428 of file json.hpp.

Referenced by get_character(), and ~input_stream_adapter().

◆ sb

std::streambuf* nlohmann::detail::input_stream_adapter::sb = nullptr

Definition at line 5429 of file json.hpp.

Referenced by get_character().

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