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CREMapPanel.cpp File Reference
#include "CREMapPanel.h"
#include "CREMapInformation.h"
#include "CREMainWindow.h"
#include "scripts/ScriptFileManager.h"
#include "scripts/ScriptFile.h"
#include "CREPixmap.h"
#include "define.h"
#include "assets.h"
#include "AssetsManager.h"
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static void fillEvents ()


static QHash< QString, archetype * > events

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◆ fillEvents()

static void fillEvents ( )

Definition at line 26 of file CREMapPanel.cpp.

References archininventory::arch, AssetsManager::archetypes(), AssetsCollection< T, Key >::each(), EVENT_CONNECTOR, events, and getManager().

Referenced by CREMapPanel::CREMapPanel().

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◆ events

QHash<QString, archetype*> events

Definition at line 24 of file CREMapPanel.cpp.

Referenced by fillEvents(), SoundFiles::refreshSounds(), and CREMapPanel::updateItem().