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RecipeWrapper Class Reference

#include <RecipeWrapper.h>

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Public Member Functions

QStringList archs () const
QString cauldron () const
int chance () const
int difficulty () const
virtual QIcon displayIcon () const override
virtual QString displayName () const override
int experience () const
int index () const
QStringList ingredients () const
QString keycode () const
int minLevel () const
 RecipeWrapper (AssetWrapper *parent, const recipe *rp, ResourcesManager *resources)
QString skill () const
QString title () const
bool transmute () const
virtual PossibleUse uses (const AssetWrapper *asset, std::string &hint) const override
int yield () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from AssetTWrapper< const recipe >
 AssetTWrapper (AssetWrapper *parent, const QString &panelName, const recipe *wrappedItem)
const recipewrappedItem () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from AssetWrapper
 AssetWrapper (AssetWrapper *parent, const QString &panelName="empty")
virtual bool canDrag () const
virtual bool canDrop (const QMimeData *, int) const
virtual AssetWrapperchild (int)
virtual int childIndex (AssetWrapper *)
virtual int childrenCount () const
virtual QString displayPanelName () const
AssetWrapperdisplayParent () const
virtual void drag (QMimeData *) const
virtual void drop (const QMimeData *, int)
virtual void fillMenu (QMenu *)
void markModified (ChangeType change, int extra=0)
AssetWrapperself ()
void setDisplayParent (AssetWrapper *parent)
virtual ~AssetWrapper () override


QStringList archs
QString cauldron
int chance
int difficulty
int experience
int index
QStringList ingredients
QString keycode
int minLevel
QString name
QString skill
QString title
bool transmute
int yield
- Properties inherited from AssetWrapper
QString displayName
AssetWrapper self

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from AssetWrapper
enum  ChangeType {
  AssetUpdated, BeforeChildAdd, AfterChildAdd, BeforeChildRemove,
  AfterChildRemove, BeforeLayoutChange, AfterLayoutChange
enum  PossibleUse { Uses, ChildrenMayUse, DoesntUse }
- Public Slots inherited from AssetWrapper
virtual void removeChild (AssetWrapper *)
- Signals inherited from AssetWrapper
void dataModified (AssetWrapper *asset, AssetWrapper::ChangeType type, int extra)
void modified ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AssetWrapper
static bool compareByDisplayName (const AssetWrapper *left, const AssetWrapper *right)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from AssetWrapper
static const char * tipProperty = "_cre_internal"
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AssetWrapper
virtual void wasModified (AssetWrapper *asset, ChangeType type, int extra)
- Protected Attributes inherited from AssetTWrapper< const recipe >
const recipemyWrappedItem
- Protected Attributes inherited from AssetWrapper
QString myPanelName

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file RecipeWrapper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RecipeWrapper()

RecipeWrapper::RecipeWrapper ( AssetWrapper parent,
const recipe rp,
ResourcesManager resources 

Definition at line 18 of file RecipeWrapper.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ archs()

QStringList RecipeWrapper::archs ( ) const

◆ cauldron()

QString RecipeWrapper::cauldron ( ) const

◆ chance()

int RecipeWrapper::chance ( ) const

◆ difficulty()

int RecipeWrapper::difficulty ( ) const

◆ displayIcon()

QIcon RecipeWrapper::displayIcon ( ) const

◆ displayName()

QString RecipeWrapper::displayName ( ) const

Implements AssetWrapper.

Definition at line 77 of file RecipeWrapper.cpp.

References recipe::arch_name, recipe::arch_names, find_archetype(), AssetTWrapper< const recipe >::myWrappedItem, and recipe::title.

+ Here is the call graph for this function:

◆ experience()

int RecipeWrapper::experience ( ) const

◆ index()

int RecipeWrapper::index ( ) const

Definition at line 59 of file RecipeWrapper.h.

References recipe::index, and AssetTWrapper< const recipe >::myWrappedItem.

◆ ingredients()

QStringList RecipeWrapper::ingredients ( ) const

◆ keycode()

QString RecipeWrapper::keycode ( ) const

◆ minLevel()

int RecipeWrapper::minLevel ( ) const

◆ skill()

QString RecipeWrapper::skill ( ) const

Definition at line 60 of file RecipeWrapper.h.

References AssetTWrapper< const recipe >::myWrappedItem, and recipe::skill.

◆ title()

QString RecipeWrapper::title ( ) const

◆ transmute()

bool RecipeWrapper::transmute ( ) const

◆ uses()

AssetWrapper::PossibleUse RecipeWrapper::uses ( const AssetWrapper asset,
std::string &  hint 
) const

Reimplemented from AssetWrapper.

Definition at line 107 of file RecipeWrapper.cpp.

References archininventory::arch, recipe::arch_names, AssetWrapper::DoesntUse, AssetWrapper::Uses, and AssetTWrapper< const recipe >::wrappedItem().

+ Here is the call graph for this function:

◆ yield()

int RecipeWrapper::yield ( ) const

Definition at line 62 of file RecipeWrapper.h.

References AssetTWrapper< const recipe >::myWrappedItem, and recipe::yield.

Property Documentation

◆ archs

QStringList RecipeWrapper::archs

Definition at line 32 of file RecipeWrapper.h.

◆ cauldron

QString RecipeWrapper::cauldron

Definition at line 39 of file RecipeWrapper.h.

◆ chance

int RecipeWrapper::chance

Definition at line 29 of file RecipeWrapper.h.

◆ difficulty

int RecipeWrapper::difficulty

Definition at line 30 of file RecipeWrapper.h.

◆ experience

int RecipeWrapper::experience

Definition at line 31 of file RecipeWrapper.h.

◆ index

int RecipeWrapper::index

Definition at line 37 of file RecipeWrapper.h.

◆ ingredients

QStringList RecipeWrapper::ingredients

Definition at line 33 of file RecipeWrapper.h.

◆ keycode

QString RecipeWrapper::keycode

Definition at line 36 of file RecipeWrapper.h.

◆ minLevel

int RecipeWrapper::minLevel

Definition at line 35 of file RecipeWrapper.h.

◆ name

QString RecipeWrapper::name

Definition at line 27 of file RecipeWrapper.h.

◆ skill

QString RecipeWrapper::skill

Definition at line 38 of file RecipeWrapper.h.

◆ title

QString RecipeWrapper::title

Definition at line 28 of file RecipeWrapper.h.

◆ transmute

bool RecipeWrapper::transmute

Definition at line 34 of file RecipeWrapper.h.

◆ yield

int RecipeWrapper::yield

Definition at line 40 of file RecipeWrapper.h.

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