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common_apply.cpp File Reference
#include <global.h>
#include <ob_methods.h>
#include <ob_types.h>
#include <sproto.h>
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void common_post_ob_move_on (object *trap, object *victim, object *originator)
method_ret common_pre_ob_move_on (object *trap, object *victim, object *originator)


static int ob_move_on_recursion_depth = 0

Detailed Description

This file contains apply-related methods that are common to many classes of objects.

Definition in file common_apply.cpp.

Function Documentation

◆ common_post_ob_move_on()

◆ common_pre_ob_move_on()

Variable Documentation

◆ ob_move_on_recursion_depth

int ob_move_on_recursion_depth = 0

Definition at line 33 of file common_apply.cpp.

Referenced by common_post_ob_move_on(), and common_pre_ob_move_on().