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Crossfire 0.93.5 Announcement

Version 0.93.5 fixes some bugs and adds some features. The new features are the gradual light/darkness patches from Peter Mardahl and ability to enter text longer than one line. For a complete list of all changes, see the README file in the archive.

So on to the real release information:

There are six separate tar archives in the Crossfire 0.93.5 distribution:

sums (bsd) filename

  • 09530 1 crossfire-
  • 28118 837 crossfire-0.93.5.arch.tar.gz
  • 52198 69 crossfire-0.93.5.client.tar.gz
  • 38027 815 crossfire-0.93.5.doc.tar.gz
  • 50885 2096 crossfire-0.93.5.maps.tar.gz
  • 47741 2224 crossfire-0.93.5.tar.gz

crossfire-0.93.5.tar.gz contains the actual program code. See the CHANGES file in this archive for everything that has changed. It also contains pre-made archetypes and image files (along with postscript spoiler and handbook), so that the crossfire-0.93.5.arch.tar.gz file is not needed.

crossfire-0.93.5.arch.tar.gz contains the unpacked archetype (arch) directory. This file is not needed if you just want to compile the games and play. The contents of this archive is used to create the archetypes, bmaps, font, and X PixMap (XPM) files. You only need it if you want to add new archetypes, mess around with the existing ones, or recreate some files. You also need this if you want to create the images for the html versions of the playbook and handbook, but read the notes about the doc archive below. A few new archetypes added for the FireTemple maps and for the gradual darkness code.

crossfire-0.93.5.doc.tar.gz: This contains all the preformatted documentation from the doc directory (really, everything there is.) What you get is postscript versions of the spoiler and handbook, along with html versions WITH all images premade (this is the only archive that has the GIF images premade). What you don't get is the source code for the latex spoiler and handbook. If you just play the game but would like full documentation, this is the archive to get. Everything in here can be recreated if with tar and arch archives.

crossfire-0.93.5.maps.tar.gz contains all the maps. FireTemple maps from Peter Mardahl added.

crossfire- This is a patch release for 0.93.3. 0.93.3 is a frozen version which only patches to fix compile troubles or fatal errors. This patch should be applied in addition to crossfire- Both patches are pretty small right now - at some future time, I may make jumbo patches for this stable release.

crossfire-0.93.5.client.tar.gz: Contains the new client (tcp/ip). Only change made was to support input of data that is several lines long.

FOR FIRST TIME USERS: You will need the crossfire-0.93.5.tar.gz and crossfire-0.93.5.maps.tar.gz file. You do not need the crossfire-0.93.5.arch.tar.gz file. If you just want to play the game at some remote server and have no interesting in compiling it, you may then want to get the crossfire-0.93.5.doc.tar.gz file.

There are no changes to the sound file - you can get the older version if needed.

Crossfire is avaible on the following ftp sites


  • ra.pyramid.com:/pub/crossfire (
  • ftp.ifi.uio.no:/pub/crossfire (


  • ftp.real-time.com/pub/games/crossfire (
  • yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au:/pub/crossfire (
  • ftp.cs.city.ac.uk:/pub/games/crossfire/
  • ftp.sunet.se:/pub/unix/games/crossfire (
  • ftp.cs.titech.ac.jp:/pub/games/crossfire

I uploaded this version to just ra - it should be on the other ftp sites in a short time.

Mark Wedel