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Crossfire 0.95.4 Announcement

Crossfire 0.95.4 has been released. There are a lot of bug fixes as well as some improvements/new features. The complete changelog is at the end of this file.

Files released for this version:

sums (bsd) filename

  • 05910 712 crossfire-0.95.4.arch.tar.bz2
  • 33547 950 crossfire-0.95.4.arch.tar.gz
  • 63733 2256 crossfire-0.95.4.maps.tar.bz2
  • 26699 3244 crossfire-0.95.4.maps.tar.gz
  • 12451 1658 crossfire-0.95.4.tar.bz2
  • 28782 1951 crossfire-0.95.4.tar.gz
  • 20274 217 crossfire-client-0.95.4.tar.gz

Sums (md5)

  • 0dab7fa20a74594504334d8df6396641 crossfire-0.95.4.arch.tar.bz2
  • 5159e05fcc7248cd724cc0f1aeb292ed crossfire-0.95.4.arch.tar.gz
  • 1e48f47ac4070834e534c7a05710bcb0 crossfire-0.95.4.maps.tar.bz2
  • 6ae253db1e43bea3cf0d2212a4d9037f crossfire-0.95.4.maps.tar.gz
  • d72990ad68bc39db4f4aaeace558a772 crossfire-0.95.4.tar.bz2
  • aba9e5a48a8dc34dc6b38b3577154af1 crossfire-0.95.4.tar.gz
  • 220b110a73d879a67c2f49028bddeaee crossfire-client-0.95.4.tar.gz

crossfire-client-0.95.4.tgz is the client distribution. Many bugfixes, no major improvements.

There is no sound file release for this version of the client - the sound files are unchanged fro version 0.95.2.

crossfire-0.95.4.tar.{gz/bz2} contains the server code with prebuilt archetype and image files. Again, many bugfixes.

crossfire-0.95.4.arch.{gz/bz2} contains the unpacked archetype changes. I am not sure what changes are here because the order of my directories changed so the overall archetype file had the archs in a different order so I could not do a diff. In any case, if you are actually interested in this area, getting updates via CVS probably makes a lot more sense since if there were any changes, they were quite few.

crossfire-0.95.4-maps.tgz contains the maps. Some bug fixes made, a few new additions. Like the archs above, getting updates via CVS is probably the way to go.

FOR FIRST TIME USERS: You will only need the appropriate server, map and client file. You do not need the arch file.

If you just want to play the game at some remote server, you need the client and perhaps some version of the doc file.

If you are looking for a windows/NT client, look at:
ftp://ftp.ifi.uio.no/pub/crossfire/incoming (
for a file called cfcXXXX.zip (XXXX are numbers representing the version - get the latest)

Crossfire is avaible on the following ftp sites


  • ftp://pyrsonal.pyrsonal.org/crossfire (
  • ftp://ftp.ifi.uio.no/pub/crossfire (

*** NOTE *** primary server has changed to pyrsonal, and this will likely be the primary for quite a while to come.


  • ftp://ftp.real-time.com/pub/games/crossfire (
  • ftp://ftp.cs.city.ac.uk/pub/games/crossfire/
  • ftp://ftp.sunet.se/pub/unix/games/crossfire (
  • ftp://ftp.cs.titech.ac.jp/pub/games/crossfire
  • ftp://mirror.aarnet.edu.au/games/roguelike/crossfire/

I uploaded this version to just pyrsonal.pyrsonal.org - it should be on the other ftp sites in a short time.

Mark Wedel