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Crossfire 1.75.0 Announcement

Hi there, I'm pleased to announce that Crossfire 1.75.0 is available.

This release brings many changes, fixes, and improvements to the server, maps, and clients.

The server now uses Python 3. If you run an existing server, you may need to use the cfdb_convert utility to convert some databases into a format used in Python 3. Briefly:

 $ cd /var/crossfire/
 $ cfdb_convert --auto  

Since GTKv2 is now EoL'd, this will likely also be the last GTKv2 client release that uses Gtk+ 2.

Stay tuned for a separate announcement about the JXClient 1.75.0 release.

Thanks to all of the contributors who made this release possible.

If you run a server, you will need the 'crossfire' and 'crossfire-maps' release tarballs.

Sounds are now distributed with the crossfire-client release and installed by default.

Checksums for the release follow:

SHA256 (crossfire-1.75.0.tar.gz) =  0441832166f6eece9d64a8a724b149b2fe279cfdd0e63f478c2aaf958f17b605 
SHA256 (crossfire-client-1.75.0.tar.gz) =  f9e320650292e0dae1236c1d14396bf5818428ee5ea23865a9849d203e4368a7 
SHA256 (crossfire-maps-1.75.0.tar.gz) =  dda1bb9bf6477791b643ad78dac615bb038bf2bc795eb1eaf353ac7eabba75d9