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Crossfire 1.50.0 Announcement

Crossfire 1.50.0 has been released. This release is based on the trunk versions, discontinuing support for the 1.x branch. Given the long time since the last release, there are lots of changes. Number is to note that it is a more than just an incremental release from 1.11, but is not yet 2.0


Lots of bug fixes, but there are not real major changes. But general changes:
- New maps
- New graphics
- Many adjustments in play balance
- Change in combat speed
- New account based login mechanism
- Use of glade layout files in client, allow end users to choose from different layouts
- Ability to control which window messages are routed to in the client
- Removal of X11 and gtk v1 clients.

Files released for this version:

Sums (md5)
f173d6c4693ecdc03bca0b2855749cc1 crossfire-1.50.0.arch.tar.gz
e5320369332260c96f9a4c56603a5649 crossfire-1.50.0.maps.tar.bz2
aa66671704b6b0163fa234689ecfbd95 crossfire-1.50.0.maps.tar.gz
d52f092031f11bd8cf5c6387057d5f8f crossfire-1.50.0.tar.gz
4e69296a39602f4702bc455096bed4cc crossfire-client-1.50.0.tar.gz
c6ace8d52646c6a7e3e3b02117abc9c4 crossfire-client-images-1.50.0.tar.gz
a7e9070baeca1e479764a062a1831285 crossfire-client-sounds-1.50.0.tar.gz

(Note - only the maps have a bzip2 compressed archives. For the other files, there isn't a big enough difference in size to make it worth while)

crossfire-client-1.50.0.tar.gz contains the client code - if you only want to play, this is the only piece you need. If you don't want to compile, may want to grab RPMS.

crossfire-client-images-1.50.0.tar.gz contains prebuilt images - this removes the need to download most of them when playing with cached images.

crossfire-client-sounds-1.50.0.tar.gz contains sounds - if you don't want sounds, you don't need this. There is no change in this file from the 1.10 release, so if you already have the 1.10 sound files, no reason to download these.

crossfire-1.50.0.tar.gz contains the server code with prebuilt archetype and image files.

crossfire-1.50.0.arch.tar.gz contains the unpacked archetype changes. This is not needed if you only want to compile the server and play the game.

crossfire-1.50.0.maps.tar.{bz2|gz} contains the map distribution - this is the bigworld map.

FOR FIRST TIME USERS: You will only need the server, map, and client archives. You do not need the arch archive.

If you just want to play the game at some remote server, you need the client and perhaps the image archive file (older image file is still good enough).

Crossfire is available on the following site (note that sourceforge has various mirrors)


Mark Wedel April 26, 2010

I am not including a complete changelog in this release, because it would be very long. You can use the URL's below to view the changelogs.