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Crossfire 0.96.0 Announcement

Crossfire 0.96.0 has been released. Despite many changes from the last release, this release should be quite stable - its been tested fairly extensively. Unless serious bugs are detected, this will likely be the last release before 1.0.

Main changes:

  • New random map layouts added.
  • Re-done player exit code - this should hopefully fix players appearing in the middle of oceans.
  • Server will send image checksums to client when client is caching images - in this way, client knows to request new image or not (both client and server change)
  • New spells
  • PNG support added to editor.
  • Partial Resistance code added. Protections now have numeric values, and add up.

A complete list of changes is at the bottom of this message.

NOTE TO MIRROR SITES: The primary site (ftp.scruz.net) has limited download bandwidth per day. If this poses a problem, you want a more reliable method, or you just want a backup method. please drop me a mail message - I have set up a secondary server off my ADSL link, but being that only has 128 kb upstream bandwidth and is also used for other interactive purposes, I don't want to make it available to all.

Files released for this version:

sums (bsd) filename

  • 04869 1507 crossfire-0.96.0.arch.tar.bz2
  • 65381 1796 crossfire-0.96.0.arch.tar.gz
  • 63394 2645 crossfire-0.96.0.maps.tar.bz2
  • 12882 3807 crossfire-0.96.0.maps.tar.gz
  • 11913 2641 crossfire-0.96.0.tar.bz2
  • 60544 2967 crossfire-0.96.0.tar.gz
  • 27062 237 crossfire-client-0.96.0.tar.gz

Sums (md5)

  • 709ccf30ed6489dc3673b93be20b105b crossfire-0.96.0.arch.tar.bz2
  • 290f8cb22336459b2ac9f42a440954e9 crossfire-0.96.0.arch.tar.gz
  • b0b21296ba967e90388bce9b789a49ff crossfire-0.96.0.maps.tar.bz2
  • 76c6574c7fb50d3fe27dfc659f4c1be3 crossfire-0.96.0.maps.tar.gz
  • d29d939ccc7d0e02e14949e23f2109fb crossfire-0.96.0.tar.bz2
  • cf42d4c6f2ef2595424a14a110a8bcbb crossfire-0.96.0.tar.gz
  • 2b6d9d9d6c355082a467805a301e7eb4 crossfire-client-0.96.0.tar.gz

crossfire-client-0.96.0 is the client (X11) distribution - standard X11 and gtk interfaces are provided.

crossfire-0.96.0.tar.{gz/bz2} contains the server code with prebuilt archetype and image files.

crossfire-0.96.0.arch.tar.{gz/bz2} contains the unpacked archetype changes. This is not needed if you only want to compile the server and play the game.

crossfire-0.96.0-maps.tar.{gz/bz2} contains the maps. This is needed with the server distribution.

No doc archive at this time - I don't believe anything in it should have changed much.

FOR FIRST TIME USERS: You will only need the appropriate server, map and client file. You do not need the arch file. If you are a first time user, you may want the doc file unless you are using a web based player referance.

If you just want to play the game at some remote server, you need the client and perhaps some version of the doc file.

Crossfire is avaible on the following ftp sites


  • ftp://ftp.scruz.net:/users/mwedel/public (
  • ftp://ftp.ifi.uio.no:/pub/crossfire (


  • ftp://ftp.real-time.com/pub/games/crossfire (
  • ftp://ftp.cs.city.ac.uk:/pub/games/crossfire/
  • ftp://ftp.sunet.se:/pub/unix/games/crossfire (
  • ftp://ftp.cs.titech.ac.jp:/pub/games/crossfire
  • ftp://mirror.aarnet.edu.au/games/roguelike/crossfire/
  • ftp://crossfire.futt.org//pub/crossfire

I uploaded this version to just ftp.scruz.net - it should be on the other ftp sites in a short time.

Mark Wedel