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Crossfire 0.98.0 Announcement

Crossfire 0.98.0 has been released. Once again, unless serious bugs are detected, this will be the last release before 1.0. It seems that that lots of bugs get reported off releases of official versions and not from CVS snapshots.

Main changes:

  • Mostly just a bunch of small bug fixes. List is at the end of the file.

NOTE TO MIRROR SITES: The primary site (ftp.scruz.net) has limited download bandwidth per day. You can also get this release off of sourceforge.net.

Files released for this version:

sums (bsd) filename

  • 13320 1549 crossfire-0.98.0.arch.tar.bz2
  • 23828 1832 crossfire-0.98.0.arch.tar.gz
  • 39314 2789 crossfire-0.98.0.maps.tar.bz2
  • 46406 4017 crossfire-0.98.0.maps.tar.gz
  • 17403 2683 crossfire-0.98.0.tar.bz2
  • 62663 3012 crossfire-0.98.0.tar.gz
  • 33843 239 crossfire-client-0.98.0.tar.gz

Sums (md5)

  • b633eba0e53234710c6d15ad4b04d8be crossfire-0.98.0.arch.tar.bz2
  • f004c95912e3ab0b71692f63a01db24c crossfire-0.98.0.arch.tar.gz
  • 075ee95d823ea78f965867d6313ece42 crossfire-0.98.0.maps.tar.bz2
  • ae7cf5c6c6d554b647a1cf0a9e8014ce crossfire-0.98.0.maps.tar.gz
  • 00000bab0b2e114e80d7f9c19fc87986 crossfire-0.98.0.tar.bz2
  • 06b91c418538c06d8ec5a195bb105c0b crossfire-0.98.0.tar.gz
  • 95c07464cfbc980ec8eccffeb4834259 crossfire-client-0.98.0.tar.gz

crossfire-client-0.98.0 is the client (X11) distribution - standard X11 and gtk interfaces are provided.

crossfire-0.98.0.tar.{gz/bz2} contains the server code with prebuilt archetype and image files.

crossfire-0.98.0.arch.tar.{gz/bz2} contains the unpacked archetype changes. This is not needed if you only want to compile the server and play the game.

crossfire-0.98.0-maps.tar.{gz/bz2} contains the maps. This is needed with the server distribution.

FOR FIRST TIME USERS: You will only need the appropriate server, map and client file. You do not need the arch file. If you are a first time user, you may want the doc file unless you are using a web based player referance.

If you just want to play the game at some remote server, you need the client and perhaps some version of the doc file.

Crossfire is avaible on the following ftp sites


  • ftp://ftp.scruz.net:/users/mwedel/public (
  • ftp://ftp.sourceforge.net:/pub/sourceforge/crossfire (
  • ftp://ftp.ifi.uio.no:/pub/crossfire (


  • ftp://ftp.real-time.com/pub/games/crossfire (
  • ftp://ftp.cs.city.ac.uk:/pub/games/crossfire/
  • ftp://ftp.sunet.se:/pub/unix/games/crossfire (
  • ftp://ftp.cs.titech.ac.jp:/pub/games/crossfire
  • ftp://mirror.aarnet.edu.au/games/roguelike/crossfire/
  • ftp://crossfire.futt.org//pub/crossfire

I uploaded this version to just ftp.scruz.net - it should be on the other ftp sites in a short time.

Mark Wedel