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Crossfire 1.70.0 Announcement

Crossfire 1.70.0 has been released. This builds on the 1.60 release, addine new features and many bug fixes.

Lots of bug fixes, but there are not real major changes. But general changes:

  • Updated quests
  • Many map updates, fixing various typos, grammar errors, etc.
  • Probe spell will display HP bars on monsters when cast at high enough level
  • Altars now animated on god intervention
  • Additional knowledge tracking
  • Graphic updates and new images.

Files released for this version:

Sums (md5)
65d9aed276bdabedacaf1142c7c17731 crossfire-1.70.0.arch.tar.gz
1f3e4233e043ca0f4b7bccaeb734798a crossfire-1.70.0.maps.tar.bz2
60b01cba98dda7a06eb7ef5713342947 crossfire-1.70.0.maps.tar.gz
f35165d1a551dc278722fd7a85dbf0b0 crossfire-1.70.0.tar.gz
657a773fc2223629474c7ec16635d2ef crossfire-client-1.70.0.tar.gz
5f5dfa091ae1e3a3660c935f36bd8022 crossfire-client-images-1.70.0.tar.gz
48133bb0d220d3b7dee60fa218819b08 crossfire-client-sounds-1.70.0.tar.gz

(Note - only the maps have a bzip2 compressed archives. For the other files, there isn't a big enough difference in size to make it worth while)

crossfire-client-1.70.0.tar.gz contains the client code - if you only want to play, this is the only piece you need. If you don't want to compile, may want to grab RPMS.

crossfire-client-images-1.70.0.tar.gz contains prebuilt images - this removes the need to download most of them when playing with cached images.

crossfire-client-sounds-1.70.0.tar.gz contains sounds - if you don't want sounds, you don't need this. There is no change in this file from the 1.50.0 or 1.60.0 release, so if you already have and older sound archive, there is no reason to download these.

crossfire-1.70.0.tar.gz contains the server code with prebuilt archetype and image files.

crossfire-1.70.0.arch.tar.gz contains the unpacked archetype changes. This is not needed if you only want to compile the server and play the game.

crossfire-1.70.0.maps.tar.{bz2|gz} contains the map distribution - this is the bigworld map.

FOR FIRST TIME USERS: You will only need the server, map, and a client. You do not need the arch archive.

If you just want to play the game at some remote server, you need a client, and if using the gtk client, the image file will save time from downloading images from the server.

Crossfire is available on the following site (note that sourceforge has various mirrors)


Mark Wedel
March 21, 2012

I am not including a complete changelog in this release, because it would be very long. You can use the URL's below to view the changelogs.