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ArtifactPanel.cpp File Reference
#include "ArtifactPanel.h"
#include "CREUtils.h"
#include "animations/AnimationWidget.h"
#include "assets.h"
#include "AssetsManager.h"
#include "Archetypes.h"
#include "assets/AssetWrapper.h"
#include "artifacts/ArtifactWrapper.h"
#include "ResourcesManager.h"
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static void addArchetypes (const artifact *artifact, const char *name, bool check, QTreeWidget *root)

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◆ addArchetypes()

static void addArchetypes ( const artifact artifact,
const char *  name,
bool  check,
QTreeWidget *  root 

Add all possible archetypes for the specified artifact.

artifactartifact. Only the type is used.
namearchetype or object name to allow. If NULL, all items of the correct type are added.
checkif true then the archetype or object's name must match, else it must not match.
roottree to insert items into.

Definition at line 106 of file ArtifactPanel.cpp.

References archininventory::arch, CREUtils::archetypeNode(), AssetsManager::archetypes(), bigchest::check, AssetsCollection< T, Key >::each(), getManager(), if(), artifact::item, give::name, root, and object::type.

Referenced by ArtifactPanel::updateItem().

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