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Church of Gorakh


Found in the west central area of Scorn.  It´s dark gray with a domed roof.


This temple is dedicated to the god Gorakh.  Located here is an alter to allow characters (who can invoke/cast prayers) to become an initiate of the god, and other benefits that go along with praying over a god´s alter.

Suggested Levels:

All levels, since there isn´t anything to fight.

However, if you find a secret entrance - this will take you to 99 levels of randomly generated maps that is nicknamed, "Hell." This is for players around level 8 all the way up to level 115.

Monsters Encountered:

Imps, Devils, Raas, Fiends, Medium Demons, Big Demons, Balrogs, Demon Lords, Hellhounds, Greater Demons

Other Information:

Careful of the special name monsters!

It can be a long walk back down - some spells can help shorten that time (but, so can death!)