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House of Power


Look for the Magic Shop in the north eastern area of Scorn, along the wall.


The House of Power works like a store.  The difference is you drop money in a special area that opens a door to a Rune of Transference which restores Spell points (Sp). The House also contains an exhibit area which includes a description and instructions for a glowing crystal, and two books (tome of Mana Regeneration and exposition of magical powers) Also available is a shop that allows you to purchase Magic Power potions.

Suggested Levels:

All levels.

Monsters Encountered:


Other Information:

The Runes of Transference pretty much work on a 1 gold piece (gp) to 1 Spell point (Sp) ratio.

Currency conversion tables are available along the southern wall.

Free access to a (sample) rune is available in the south east corner.