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Church of Valriel


Bigworld & Smallworld:

Found in the west central area of Scorn. It´s the white, church.


This temple is dedicated to the god Valriel.  Located here is an alter to allow characters (who can invoke/cast prayers) to become an initiate of the god, and other benefits that go along with praying over a god´s alter.

Suggested Levels:

All levels, since there isn't anything to fight.

However, proceed up the stairs to the bell tower and you'll find 99 levels of randomly generate maps containing angels. This map is nicknamed, "Heaven." This is for players around level 8 all the way up to level 115.

Monsters Encountered:

Whims, Cherubs, Angels, Holyghost, Angel Knights, Lite Angels, Messenger Angels, Destroying Angel, High Angels, Arch Angels, Retributioners

Other Information:

Careful of the special name monsters!

It can be a long walk back down - some spells can help shorten that time (but, so can death!)