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Scorn Royalty Quest



The stronghold found in the far west central area of Scorn.


The stronghold found in the far south western corner of Scorn.


This map is also known as Scorn Castle. Once inside you will find serveral Royal Guards and other members of Royalty (Magistrates, et al) On the second level of the Castle - you'll find 4 sets of stairs, only 2 work. One takes you to the dining hall, where you can only enter certain rooms according to your rank. The other stairs takes you to the quest area. Enter the first room to the north to begin the quest for Knighthood and further instructions. Each of the adjacent rooms have additional quests, titles and rewards. Note: You are given general instructions on the quest map locations - you will have to do some exploring to solve these maps, which are are all randomly generated. For the most part, you are required to return to the Castle with a specific item in order to solve the quest.

Here are the Quests, in the order they appear:


Story: You open the scroll and start reading. His Majesty, the King of Scorn, announces that whomsoever returns with the Head of the Goblin Chief shall be awarded a Knightdom. These goblins have been making a nuisance of themselves to the North East of Scorn.  Go and make them regret their disorderly conduct.

Quest Item: Drop the Head of the Goblin Chief here to prove your worthiness of the Order of Knighthood.

Reward/Benefit: Guards recognize you and open the port and eastern gate.

Suggested Levels:

Level 4 to 6

Monsters Encountered:

Goblins, Orcs, Kobolds,

Other Information:

The map terrain slows down your movement..


Story: You open the scroll and start reading. His Majesty, the King of Scorn, announces that whomsoever returns with the Head of the Ogre Chief shall be awarded a Baronetcy. Ogres have been stealing sheep from the grazing lands south of the city. Go and kill the Ogre Chief and return with his head.

Quest Item: Drop the Head of the Ogre Chief here to prove your worthiness of Noble Rank of Baronet.

Reward/Benefit: Girdle of Damage (dam +10)

Suggested Levels:

Level 5 to 7

Monsters Encountered:

Gnolls, Madmen, Ogres,

Other Information:

The map is a rather large, randomly generate maze.


Story: His Majesty, the King of Scorn, is concerned with the outbreak of undead in the so-called "Undead Church" in Scorn.  He suspects that an Animator is at work, setting the dead walking. He offers the title of Baron to whomever returns with a token proving that the Animator has been destroyed.

Quest Item: Drop the token of the Animator's destruction here to receive the title of Baron.

Elven Bow +3 (wc+1)(dam+15)(Attacks: physical)
It is made of: wood
It weighs 15.000 kg.

Suggested Levels:

Level 7 to 10

Monsters Encountered:

Ghosts, Zombies, Skeletons, Wraiths, Animator

Other Information:

The Animator is a special name monster.

Animator's Ring (resist drain +100)


Story: His Majesty, the King of Scorn, is suffering from bunions.  His honorable physician believes that a certain rare mushroom, obtainable only in a forest on the southernmost tip of this continent, will provide a cure. Your task is to find and return with this rare mushroom.  It is blue in color, and grows only on forested shorelines. Return with one of these mushrooms and you will be awarded the title of Marquis.

Quest Item: Drop the mushroom here.

Improvement Potion

Suggested Levels:

Level 11 to 14

Monsters Encountered:

Snakes, Large Centipedes, Bats, Giant Cobras, Ants, Pixies, Mice, Killer Bees, Birds, Xans, Scorpions, Unicorns, Giant Bats, Spiders, Bees, Invisible Stalkers,

Other Information:

The random map is of a forest terrain.

Many of the monsters can poison you, be prepared.


Story: His Majesty, the King of Scorn, craves a snack.  To earn your Earldom, you will go and return with a wing from His Majesty's enemy, Slithselest, the self-styled Lord of Wyverns. When His Majesty dines upon this delicacy, you shall earn your Earldom. Slithselest has his eyrie (it is said) in the high mountains to the south of the Tower of the Stars.

Quest Item: Drop Slithselest's wing here.

Dragon Shield +2 (ac+1)(armour +8)(resist fire +30)
It weighs 5.000 kg.

Suggested Levels:

Level 11 to 15

Monsters Encountered:

Wyverns, Medium Wyverns

Other Information:

The map entrance is hidden in the mountains.


Story: His Majesty, the King of Scorn, is concerned with the recent influx of demons in the ruins to the north of the city. Reports have it that the demons are issuing from a filthy pit in the ground. Go and investigate, and eliminate the threat if possible.  Return with a token of your victory.

Quest Item: Drop the token here.

Firebrand +3 (dam+9)(Attacks: fire)(resist cold +30)
It is made of: metal
It weighs 22.000 kg.

Suggested Levels:

Levels 12 to 16

Monsters Encountered:

Imps, Raas, Demons, Big Demons, The Summoner

Other Information:

The map entrance is inside Euthville Ruins

The Summoner is a special named monster

The token is a broke gateway (pentegram)


Story: His Majesty, the King of Scorn, is concerned by the threat of war from the Dragonlords. You are to gain the King some bargaining leverage by obtaining a powerful weapon against the Dragonlords. The King hopes that his possession of this weapon will intimidate them and help maintain the peace. The Dragonlords had captured this weapon and are guarding it, hoping that it may be kept out of the hands of those who would use it against them. They cannot destroy it. The only problem is that we do not know where it is hidden. Perhaps you can bribe the secret out of the Dragonlords' Emissary. Return with the weapon and you will receive your Dukedom.

Quest Item: Drop the weapon here.

Dragonslayer +3 (dam+11)(slay dragon)(Attacks: physical)(resist fire +30)
It is made of: metal
It weighs 35.000 kg.

Suggested Levels:

Level 30 or higher

Monsters Encountered:

Faerie Dragons, Cold Dragon Hatchlings, Electric Dragon Hatchlings, Dragon Hatchling, Wyverns, Chinese Dragons, Drakes, Electric Dragon, Dragons, Dragonmen, Bone Drakes,

Other Information:

Visit the gem shops to bribe the Emissary. You should then have enough information to find the map.

You are going to face alot of dragons, bring plenty of potions for protection.

The item you are looking for is:
Ruggilli's Whisker +15
(wc+8)(dam+100)(ac+8)(improved 127/127)
(sustenance+5)(magic+5)(regeneration+5)(xray-vision)(luck+5)(lifesaving)(reflect spells)(reflect missiles)(slay dragon)
(Attacks: weaponmagic, death, god power)
(resist magic +30)(resist fire +100)(resist electricity +100)(resist cold +100)(Attuned: Frost, Electricity, Missiles)
It weighs 0.850 kg.
The object has a story:
You see Ruggilli's whisker. It is said that to help his priests keep his fractious minions under control, Ruggilli pulled a whisker out and transformed it into this powerful weapon.
Not many may use this weapon without being devoured by it.


Story: A wayward Titan has begun styling himself the Rightful King of Scorn, and has insulted our King by naming him Usurper. This Titan, whose true name is Meganthropopulos, feels that he is safe behind the walls of his fastness and believes that he cannot be made to pay for his arrogance. You shall disabuse him of his false sense of security. You will enter his fastness and deprive him of the crown he has made for himself. His Majesty will not be displeased if you find you must also leave Meganthropopulos' dead body rotting behind you. Meganthropopulos has good reason to feel himself safe, though. We could not assail his fastness with an army and hope to succeed. His citadel is located on an arid, narrow peninsula with only one approach. One or a few mighty heros might be able to sneak in to accomplish the task, however. Go and succeed, if you can. You will find his citadel on the extreme south-east of this continent. When you have returned with Meganthropopulos' Crown, His Majesty will grant you the rank of Archduke, and all the privileges which pertain to that rank.

Quest Item: Drop the crown here.

Holy Shield (ac+4)(armour +10)(resist drain +100)(resist ghosthit +50)
It is made of: metal
It weighs 20.000 kg.

Suggested Levels:

35+ for fighters, unexplored with mage

Monsters Encountered:

Hill Giants, Small Trolls, Ogres, Madmen, Dark Elves, Trolls, Gaelotrolls, Cyclops, Rust Monsters

Other Information:

You need to bribe the guards at the map entrance

All the maps are randomly generated, except the top floor.


Story: SECRET BY ORDER OF HIS MAJESTY ON PAIN OF DEATH: A strange spiritual ailment befell His Majesty on midnight of the Dark Day last year. His strength was being lessened for no reason that our physicians could discern. At length, we consulted the High Priests: they begged their gods for enlightenment and at last Gaea told her Devotee the cause: A Lord Spectre had forged a foul attachment to Our King, to his very soul, and was drawing forth a portion of his strength in order to empower a mighty weapon. The binding was done in such a way that we cannot free the King of the connexion without possession of this object. You are to go and find the Lord Spectre and destroy him, and return the weapon to us here. The entrance to the warren in which the Lord Spectre resides may be found on the Pirate Island.

Quest Item: Drop the weapon here.

Calamity +7 (Str+2)(Dex+2)(dam+25)(item_power +3)(weapon speed 2)(Attacks: physical, paralyze, depletion)
It is made of: iron.
It weighs 111.000 kg.

Suggested Levels:


Monsters Encountered:

Ghosts, Zombies, Skeletons, Wraiths, Grim Reapers, Skeletal Mages, Wight, Vampires, Ghasts, Nightmares, Skulls, Liches, Dark Angels, Demilichs, Spectres,

Other Information:

The entrance is a dark hole on Wolfsburg island.

The weapon in question is a Calamity +7.

The level the Lord Spectre is on is random, you might find one on the first floor, you might find one on the last one.