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Central Library


Bigworld & Smallworld:

Look for a large white building, with a red and black roof, in the northeast area of Scorn.


A bunch of rooms with books and scrolls and a small shop to buy library cards, a literacy skill scroll and a key to room that contains rare books. 

Suggested Levels:

Ability to read the books depends on your level in literacy. You should also be powerful enough to face a Library Guard in case you kill the cleaning woman inside.

Monsters Encountered:

Cleaning woman, Library Guard (Royal Guard) and Librarians. They won't attack you unless provoked.

Other Information:

This place allows you access to many books that you normally have to buy or find as random treasure. The rooms are divided like this:

  • Religious Studies - more information about the gods in Crossfire
  • Monster Lore - full stats on some of the monsters
  • Spell Lore - lists a spell path and all the spells that it includes
  • Rare Spell Lore - for library card holders only and it lists even more spell paths
  • Rare Books - requires the key, this room contains more information on monsters, alchemy recipes and monster stats


Original Map Summary Provided by:
 Chris Sconyers