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Port Gate


Bigworld & Smallworld:

The entrance is located on the northern side of Scorn, in the center and looks like an extension of the wall that surrounds city.


This map is a transition area from the city of Scorn to the Port of Scorn, once there you will have access to ships that take you to places like Wolfsburg (No longer the case on some servers or map sets), Stoneville and Lake Country. There's also a dragon transport to the Pupland Terminal.

Suggested Levels:

Any level since nothing will attack you here unless you provoke them.

Monsters Encountered:

Gate Guards

Other Information:

There are a few different ways to get past the closed gate.

  • You can find or buy a Gate pass
  • You find or know the password

You may have to carefully walk around one of the guards if you have a pass, since the trigger that opens the gate requires you to be standing on a specific square.