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Mosely's Magic Books


Bigworld & Smallworld:

The yellow building with the white roof.  Found in the west central area of Scorn.


A small white building with a teal roof in the northwest area of Scorn, just south of the Armour Shop and General Store.

Suggested Levels:

Like it's name implies, this shop is full of books.

Monsters Encountered:


Other Information:

This area works just like any other shop in the game. However, the prices for the spellbooks are higher then most shops because they are always available.

Some of the books found are:

  • Holy Word
  • Small Snowstorm, Medium Snowstorm, Large Snowstorm and Icestorm in a book shelf labeled "Books on Cold"
  • Small Lightning and Large Lightning in a book shelf labeled "Books on Lightning"
  • Small Fireball, Medium Fireball, Large Fireball and Burning Hands in a book shelf labeled "Books about Fire"
  • Cause Light Wounds, Cause Medium Wounds, Cause Serious Wounds, and Cause Critical Wounds in a book shelf labeled "Books on Causing Harm"