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Harry's Place


A white house with a small tower extensions, in the east central area of Scorn.


A two-level house with a two-level basement. The layout is pretty straight forward: just corridors and rooms, and lots of undead to slash.  What looks like a small basement turns out to be a two-level dungeon with several rooms, if you can find the secret door. The entrance to the second level of the basement may give you a good fright... but the level itself doesn't have much to it (except nasty critters), and is labeled "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" So there might be more to it in the future. :-)

Suggested Levels:

Level 5 or 6 onwards. Lower if you avoid the basement, higher for 2nd basement level.

Monsters Encountered:

Zombies, ghosts, skeletons, snakes, xans, mice, bats, giant bats, spiders, black puddings, madmen, large centipedes, wraiths.

Items Found:

  • Random Ring or Amulet
  • A book called "Create Earth Elemental" that says "YOU ARE DENIED" when you read it. (Sounds like a bad joke to me.)

Other Information:

Beware of poisonous and acidic monsters, if you are not that high of level.


Map Summary Provided by:
 Hwei Sheng TEOH