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A small, dark gray structure, with four small towers on the corners. It´s found in the east central area of Scorn.


A small, dark gray structure, with four small towers on the corners.  It´s found in the southeast area of Scorn.


The main entrance is locked from the inside. You will need to access this building from the Old Mansion, which has a tunnel connecting to this building, unless someone else has opened the front door from inside.

Starting from the tunnel from the Old Mansion, this building is a series of rooms connected by doors, which are operated by switches. Be careful where you push the boulders -- you need them to activate the large switches. The monsters gets progressively harder as you go on (in fact, as you get nearer the front entrance... ever wonder why they locked it?!), with big nasties in the last large room.

Suggested Levels:

Depends how far you go. Level 3-5 should be sufficient for the first few rooms, up to the first large room. After that, you'd probably want level 6-8, and perhaps much higher for the last room.

Monsters Encountered:

Cleaning ladies, kobolds, orcs, goblins, gnolls, ogres, birds, ghosts, skeletons, wraiths, madmen, beholders, pixies, demons, wyverns, a Skull (at the end).

Items Found:

Miscellaneous... I can't seem to find any consistent item in here.

Other Information:

The last room is designed such that the wyverns can't get out and chase you; so a low level character may be able to kill them from a safe distance and gain experience. The skull can be avoided, too.


Map Summary Provided by:
 Hwei Sheng TEOH