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The large coliseum found in the east central area of Scorn.


The large coliseum found in the south east corner of Scorn.


This map is very unique in that it allows players to fight each other in an enclosed area. The map includes a concession stand, an audience (that you can interact with), a souvenir shop, gambling and a first aid area for your character to recover if they are not victorious in the gladiators arena.

Suggested Levels:

All levels.

Monsters Encountered:

Various spectators, and they won't attack unless provoked.

Items Found:

Available in the gift shop individually or as a set:

Sword "there can be only ONE" (dam +7)(Attacks: physical)

Shirt "I LOVE the ARENA"

Shield "go GLADIATORS" (ac +1)(armour +5)

Other Information:

You have to pay an admittance fee to be a spectator (a permanent pass is another option.)

You and your opponent have to pay a fee to fight in the arena, make sure to have enough platinum coins to do so.

Choose your opponent wisely...

Books just inside the entrance way explain all the rules, guidelines and restrictions. For instance, acid attacks will not damage equipment.

Food is available in the concession stand, popcorn anyone?