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Old Mansion


Bigworld & Smallworld:

Large brown building just south of the eastern gate of Scorn.  The place looks like it has a fenced backyard.


Appears to be a house with very large rooms. Out the back door, is the garden area.
The garden area has two exits:
- a tunnel to the Stronghold maze
- a wishing well to the 2nd garden area.

Suggested Levels:

The house part, level 2 for all classes.
The wishing well maze has 2 levels.
The first level has two parts; Level 5-8 for the upper level, first part. The second part is real hard, if you dig through a wall near the entrance of the maze, you will encounter 4 special skulls, so I suggest levels 15-20 for it.
The second level is for levels 8-12.

Monsters Encountered:

Kobolds, Cleaning Ladies, Orcs, Goblins, Ants, Skulls, Grim Reapers

Items Found:

Clear the map without the skull part will give you a good amount of rings, amulets and potions. Every raid will gives you 2-4 stat potions.

The skull part has no special items, but alot of random stuff.

Other Information:

Don't try the wishing well area without draining protection or immunity.
There are a lot of grimreapers there, put in tricky and dangerous locations.


Map Summary Provided by:
Michael Toennies