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Guild Houses Inc.


A white building with a red and black roof and gray archways on the sides located on the east central area of Scorn. Not to far from the Eastern Gate.


This map is used to purchase keys to the Crossfire guilds. Nearly all the of major cities have a guild. The actual purchase requires 2 other players to cooperate with you and 20,000 diamonds. Instructions are available on the sign just inside the entrance and in the Other Information section.

Suggested Levels:


Monsters Encountered:


Other Information:

Sign summary:

Welcome to Guild Houses Inc. where you can purchase your very own Guild House! Three characters are required to purchase a guild house. To purchase your guild house, you will need 20,000 diamonds for the altars. After the fee has been paid, two characters must stand on the pedestals in the small southern rooms, while the third picks up the keys. From the rooms above the altars. If there are no keys available, we're very sorry, but it means we've run out of available guild houses. Perhaps you should look into joining an existing guild instead.

Other available guilds:

The Guild of the Black Shield is located on the southeastern shore of Brest

The Guild of the Damned Heretics is located in south central Wolfsburg

The Guild of the Dreaming Sage is located in south central Navar

The Guild of the Drunken Barbarian is located in east central Santo Dominion

The Guild of the Laughing Skull is located in north central Nurnberg

The Guild of the Mailed Fist is located in north eastern Scorn

The Guild of the Poisoned Dagger is located in south western Darcap

The Guild of the Purple Butterfly is located in south central Lone Town

The Guild of the Smoking Cauldron is located in southern Caterham

Guild Instruction book:
"Welcome to your new Guild House!
We at Guild Houses Inc. hope you will find your new home to your complete satisfaction. You will find that there are many additional features you can purchase which were not included in the initial purchase price. The reason for this is quite simple: we fooled you and now we want more money. For your safety and convenience, magic may only be cast in the bedroom and only prayers work above the altars (which you have yet to pay for). We at Guild Houses Inc. hope this will help keep you safe in your new home and keep down the number of complaints from your neighbors about burning buildings. Should you need any additional keys, simply place 500 diamonds on the altar and we will deliver one to you right away. Remember that anyone you give a key to will have complete access to your home, so please be careful when choosing your new roommates. We at Guild Houses Inc. highly recommend our Big Chest(tm). Should you decide to purchase the Big Chest(tm), you will have a personal space for each of your members, where they can hoarde all the good stuff from their fellow members. Remember, its not how well you get along, its whether or not you can kill them!"

Available guild features:

  • A portal to Scorn (5000 platinum)
  • A portal to Brest (1000 diamonds)
  • A portal to Santo Dominion (5000 pearls)
  • A portal to Navar (2 dragon mail)
  • A portal to Darcap (3 speed boots)
  • A portal to Pupland Terminal (5 tissue paper)
  • A portal to Nurnberg (1 shootingstar)
  • A portal to Ancient Pupland (1 unholy bow)
  • Big Chest (tm) (1 Firestar named Fearless)
  • Altar to Devourers (3 Frostbrands)
  • Altar to Ruggilli (3 Firebrands)
  • Altar to Valriel (3 Demonbanes)
  • Altar to Sorig (3 Mjoellnirs)
  • Altar to Lythander (3 Elven Bows)
  • Altar to Gaea (5 Healing Potions)
  • Altar to Mostrai (3 Bonecrushers)
  • Altar to Gnarg (10 Pixie Wings)
  • Altar to Gorokh (5 Potions of Cold Resistance)
  • 500 diamonds for a new/additional key
  • 1000 platinum for a silver to gold conversion table
  • 1000 platinum for a gold to platinum conversion table
  • 1000 platinum coins for a platinum to gold conversion table
  • A second floor (You must capture a spectre and force it to build your upper floor)
    • 20 amulets of Lifesaving for a portal to the Mazes of Menace (Nethack like area of the game - unexplored)
    • 5 Glowing Crystals for a Mana Charging Room
    • Alchemy Room