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Yarid's House



Look for a brown cabin in the east central area of Scorn.


Look for a brown cabin in the southeast area of Scorn.


What looks like a small house turns out to have a large and complex dungeon underneath it. There are many dangerous (even deadly) traps, secret doors and passages, and many puzzles to solve. Has nice theme of the legacy of an old, mad wizard. A very richly designed dungeon.

Suggested Levels:

About 10-12 or more (fighter class). The sign says 8 or more, but some parts are very difficult and tricky. I guess it depends on your equipment too. I have not played non-fighter classes yet so I'm not sure what levels are needed for those.

Monsters Encountered:

Skeletons, dogs, bees, housekeeper (carries interesting note), Trees, bats, beholders, skulls, raas, ogres, xans, hill giants, cunning gnomes, earth elementals, wild pyromaniacs, demons, giant spiders, ghosts, blobs, small trolls.

There are also special monsters: magic guards, a few species of "old experiments" and "new experiments" which look like modified versions of existing monsters (servants, demons, earth para-elementals, wyverns), and a rather ugly "unsuccessful experiment" (baslic?).

Items Found:

  • Dragonscales (the quantity varies).
  • Ring of Fire (Pro: Fire)(Attuned: Fire)
  • A random manual
  • Scroll of snares
  • Lots and lots of semi-random mushrooms: "Mushroom of Gourmet"'s that have a high food value, "Mushroom of Healing"'s that heals, etc..
  • Lots of random potions and amulets.
  • Random artifact (after the sacrifice)

Other Information:

  • This dungeon uses a lot of "hidden switches": hot spots on the floor that open doors and grates, etc.. You must carefully search for these hot spots in order to solve many of the puzzles.
  • I didn't explore the room where the skulls were (too tough for my character.)  There might be interesting Items in there.
  • You need a password for the first level gate, search the rooms in level 1 for it.
  • There is a little quest inside the maze, read all books and letters you found and watch all the fine food you find... You will need a lot... after you sacrifice to the gods, you will find the artifact in the last room.
  • The skulls can be avoided and the "experiences" too.
  • Some of the random items found here are Gauntlets of Strength and a Ring of Life, which are very helpful for other maps.
  • The Password is "chair" (Its written on the bottom but some clients don't show it right).


Original Map Summary Provided by:
 Hwei Sheng TEOH

Additional Information Provided by:
Michael Toennies