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Small Well

(Part of, Old City Quest)


Bigworld & Smallworld:

The well in the northeastern area of Scorn, practically right along the northern wall.


A massive maze that has more then one entrance/exit.

Suggested Levels:

Portions of the map can be explored by lower level characters, around 3 to 5, but use extreme caution.  To explore the entire map, one should be level 8 to 10 for all classes

Monsters Encountered:

Goblins, Kobolds, Bats, Scorpions, Birds, Orcs, Snakes, Dogs, Skeletons, Ants, Ogres, Elves, Small Trolls, Vikings, Trees, Pirates, Mad Men, Demons, Beholders, Giant Centipedes, Ninjas, Earth Elementals, Pixies, Wyverns, Killer Bees