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House of Healing


The white chuch east of the Port Gate, near the northern wall of Scorn.


The House of Healing works like a store.  The difference is you drop money in a special area that opens a door to a particular rune; when you step on the rune it´s like having a spell cast on you.  For instance, a Rune of Healing, will heal you.  The House also contains a Medical Library and an area to buy balms and potions.

Suggested Levels:

All levels.

Monsters Encountered:


Other Information:

The Runes available are:

    • Minor Healing
    • Medium Healing
    • Major Healing
    • Cure Disease
    • Cure Poison
    • Heal
    • Restoration

Potions and other magic items that are always available (for a higher cost, too..)

    • Balm of Curing Blindness
    • Balm of Curing Disease
    • Balm of Major Healing
    • Staff of Healing
    • Magic Power Potion
    • Healing Potion
    • Restoration Potion
    • Potion of Curing Madness

The Heavy Rod of Restoration is no longer for sale, due to game balance reasons.

The Library contains books entitled:

    • The Cure of Disease
    • Healing Wounds
    • Curing Blindness
    • Cures for Miscellaneous Problems

The following alters are also available:
(They work like the runes but are always available)

  • Cure Disease
  • Restore
  • Cure Poison
  • A free (sample) healing is available in the south east corner.