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House of Mana


Used to be called, "House of Power." Look for the Magic Shop in the north eastern area of Scorn, along the wall.


The House of Mana works like a store.  The difference is you drop money in a special area that opens a door to a Rune of Transference which restores Spell points (Sp). The House also contains an exhibit area which includes a description and instructions for a glowing crystal, and two books (tome of Mana Regeneration and exposition of magical powers) Also available is a shop that allows you to purchase Magic Power potions.

Suggested Levels:

All levels.

Monsters Encountered:


Other Information:

The Runes of Transference pretty much work on a 1 gold piece (gp) to 1 Spell point (Sp) ratio.

Currency conversion tables are available along the southern wall.

Free access to a (sample) rune is available in the south east corner.